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A few days ago to see Sun Jian before and after the appearance, as if to see myself. Before going out like the stupid son of the landlord's family, after going out is a human model.


But you can't go out unkempt every day. It's about the top ten mysteries of the world:\" why don't you always meet a handsome guy without makeup?\"


So, in this kind of fast-paced life now, how to use the shortest time to draw a go-out makeup has become a rigid demand, after all, daily work and school really do not have an hour or two to paint you a beautiful makeup.


When it comes to bottom makeup, it should be the most important step, after all, with a dark eye, acne, spots on the face, your lipstick is no matter how good-looking lipstick is just good-looking.


You may not be able to use it, but there are plenty of rumors about it, such as YouTube's makeup bloggers, and a summary of what year's love matter is common.


To tell you the truth, its concealer is ok, some of the little spots around my eyes are out of the question, and as for my mother's solo black eye circle, it usually needs to be superimposed twice to cover up.


Like I sometimes do not bother to cover the blemish on the direct use of it, dark circles can also cover a 7788, completely cover is impossible, but spots ah pockmarks these are still OK.


Its face is very natural creamy muscle makeup effect, it is worth boasting that its duration is still 8 wrong, on the afternoon when the nose has a whine makeup, the overall makeup is still quite complete.


You know how important eyebrows are to a person, right? It is no exaggeration to say that eyebrows can determine a person's temperament and style, it is the facade ah sister! So, be sure to learn thrush.


When it comes to my own daughter, I always feel like a lot of praise. I hope that for the sake of seeing that I like it so much, orange flower will pay me the advertising fee of this competent wild spokesman.


I buy a dark brown, a total of three colors just right, according to their own color choice of color is good. Its color is moderate, for the novice is very friendly, will not become a crayon small new.


It's highly recommended that girls who don't know how to draw eyeliner buy this sponge head, little assistant before because of hand makeup cannot basically draw eyeliner, but after I recommend, according to her, never feel that eyeliner is such a wonderful thing ha ha.


I just saw it was stunning, blush in the middle of a little love, a little sweet heart peach flavor, anyway, the face is my orientation sniper.


This is the juice series of #09, its color belongs to very clear coral powder, thieves show tender! However, yellow sister paper had better wear makeup, not very white.

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