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As the physical education teacher was robbed of a hot search, the subject of school sports being marginalized was discussed again. On December 27, the Yunnan Education Department issued the \"Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of the Admission System for Examination and Admissions in High Schools \", which juxtaposed physical education with 100 points in Chinese, mathematics and English. Nationwide, this is the first time that a sports score has been raised to an extra level.


\"As long as the main teacher does not have time to assess the test paper, then the physical education teacher will\" suffer \", either at home or in discomfort. At the beginning of the year, the head teacher had to say that the PE teacher couldn't get sick, and then after class we saw the PE teacher jumping with the other teachers on the playground.


The teacher's view of physical education is that physical education is not only physical education, but also physical education. If there is no special situation that can be used to catch the course schedule, the physical education teacher itself understands the cooperation. According to the Yunnan Provincial Education Department's 2018 spot check on the fourth grade of primary school and the eighth grade of junior high school in 16 counties in the province, the rate of reaching the standard of physical education in the fourth grade is%, only% in the eighth grade, while the math week of the eighth grade has already exceeded 90% of the normal class hours.


Xiao Bian recalled his school days of physical education representative, his only role is to be sent by the teacher to run to inform the physical education teacher: this class XX teacher attended, and he often became the only person who has played the day.


But the physical education class may have the necessity, actually also has one layer reason lies in the campus safety question. Sudden death of a thousand meters before the incident: in October 19, Shenyang, a third-year boy to participate in the side of a thousand meters on the way to sudden death; in January 14, Jiangsu, a boy in the physical education class 1000 meters test after the sudden death. .....。 Plus normal PE class more or less scratch, grinding, etc.


Since there are any injury accidents for students in class, teachers and even schools must take responsibility. But at present, there are no clear regulations in the field of campus injury accidents in our country, which protect the rights and interests of teachers or schools, and schools and physical education teachers have to choose a road of \"no action, no accident \".


The consequence of the long-term amblyopia of physical education is that the physical decline of primary and middle school students, including the increase of myopia rate, obesity rate and other problems have been highlighted. According to the results of the national survey of myopia among children and adolescents published by the National Health and Health Commission in 2018, the overall myopia rate is as high as%.


The inclusion of sports in the entrance examination also represents the government's determination to change the current state of youth sports. But after physical education becomes 100 points, can the education of students keep up with the rhythm of the traditional \"main subject \"?


First, the number of physical education teachers, in November last year, the Ministry of Education released the latest data, the number of primary and secondary physical education and health teachers increased from 565,638 in 2015 to 653,055 in 2018, an increase of 87,417, but still only 11 million teachers%, there is a large gap.


Second, the examination method problem, if still takes the examination what to teach what pattern, carries on the surprise type teaching, in order to run passes, trains the long-distance race, in order to basketball passes, trains the basketball. Score is up to the standard, but physical education in the hearts of primary and secondary school students reputation, afraid is to be lost.


In 2016, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Strengthening the Physical Education of Schools and Promoting the All-round Development of Students'Physical and Mental Health, which clearly stipulated that primary and secondary schools should include students'participation in sports activities, students'physical health status and sports skill grades in the examination of junior high school and high school academic level, and include students'comprehensive quality evaluation system.


This is the key point. What students need is not strictly standard physical education to \"correct the name\" of their physical education class, but to start from the day-to-day, to maintain continuous sports time. What the school should do is to fundamentally realize the equivalent importance of physical education and students'physical quality and study, to give quality teachers and hardware equipment, and to provide students with a secure and safe sports environment with corresponding interest guidance.


In addition, the importance of strengthening physical education for parents in family education is also the key. The year 2020 has come, and holding a phone and tablet has become the most common weekend, but it has often led to a lack of interest in sports for children.


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