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This is Sina volleyball line reporter Dong Zhengxiang in this season's league in the new column. Coaches and athletes often complement each other, and good coaches can explore their potential and help them on their way to success. This topic hopes to dig up more positive and moving stories between coaches and athletes, so that readers can learn more about the two professions of athletes and coaches.


The light in the room is dim, dust in the air, blocking the halo outside the house, Yang Jie alone at the table, when the mood is not good, she is so reticent, teammates are far away.


Since 2015, the former national player's competitive prospects have been mired in, and she, who played in the 2011 World Cup, has been a substitute for a few years, with no chance of playing.


She just finished a bad-hearted training class. Picture in the mind up, the two sides of the net, a soulless ball flying around the net. I don't know how many years have passed since I came to the Oriental Oasis Training Base, but now everything is dim, and at the crossroads of my career, she hesitated.


After a sleep, Yang Jie packed up the mood and stepped into the women's volleyball training hall. A \"chubby\" stranger sat on the bench on the side of the grown-up team, and she walked a dozen more steps, vaguely recognizing the figure of Wang Zhiteng.


How many years later, when wang zhiteng and yang jie recalled the matter, the latter had no impression at all, but wang zhiteng had a good memory, and he even thanked yang jie,\" this is my first time to come to the women's team, the atmosphere is a bit alive, your life greeting let me have a bottom.\"


Wang Zhiteng is counted as the sixth head coach of the Shanghai women's volleyball team since the start of the professional league - previously held by Zhang Liming, Cai Bin, Yu Youwei, Zhang Liming (again), Wang Jian and He Jiong. Coincidentally, the Shanghai women's volleyball team is Wang Zhiteng's first stop after the transition from athlete to coach.


Born in 1982, he and Shen Qiong, Fang Yingchao and other teammates together to create the Shanghai Men's Volleyball League \"nine consecutive titles\" legend. After his retirement, he was given the opportunity to go to the United States for further study, after his return from school, he started in the Shanghai women's volleyball team from the accompanying coach, and then promoted to acting coach.


This season's league is Wang Zhiteng as the coach to lead the fourth season league, the previous three season, his team team record is not bad, first in the sixth, in the golden soft scene the season won the Asian army, last season in the situation of foreign assistance. This season, when Lipman returned to prepare for the Olympic Games, Wang Zhiteng held the pressure and laughed in the semi-final, and the team went to the league final for the second time.


As the youngest head coach in the league's top eight teams, wang zhiteng didn't simply follow women's technical masculinity. On this basis, he consolidated the delicate characteristics of the shanghai women's volleyball team, and combined the two skillfully to create a set of technical and tactical system with both attack and defense. At the same time, wang zhiteng is also regarded by netizens as the most selected foreign aid coach, from jin fujing to murphy to this season's larson and lipman, several foreign aid perfectly integrated into the shanghai women's volleyball team play, more efficient to show its value.


Whenever a coach with Wang Zhiteng talks about him, he will use \"smart\" to sum up his characteristics -- he is not particularly good at playing, but he plays with his brain and belongs to the skill school.


This has also been widely recognized by the women's volleyball team. When Wang Zhiteng is still playing with the coach, the team plays the confrontation, Wang Zhiteng often can buckle the strength suitable, but the line tricky ball, lets the players only sigh the pity.


Not to mention Wang Zhiteng's post-retirement fitness, but he has a delicate side in his heart, after becoming a women's team coach, his character has been fully excavated.


This is the case, men and women to coach the team, the first thing to change is management awareness. \"A lot of coaches from the men's volleyball team first thought it was easy to deal with the psychological problems of women players. When there was disagreement on the training ground, the male team members argued a few words, even if they hadn't made up in private, but there was no problem with the communication. Female players are different, in the event of conflict, there will be a'little correction'.


And Wang Zhiteng is specialized in cleaning up members of the \"small correction \", the players praised him for his high EQ,\" he will often communicate with us. One of the advantages of King is that he is able to make the women willing to talk to him. It has something to do with his insight, he's very observant, he's got a look in the game, he's quick to see what problems he's had.


In the 2017-2018 season, a player was replaced in a game. After the game, the team won, but the heart of the ups and downs, has been in the dressing room. After a while, the venue has been empty, wang zhiteng is still waiting outside the door, until the red eyes of the players slowly out, wang zhiteng this up, and disciple openly chat.


Invaluable, when communicating with the team members, wang zhiteng put himself in the position of equal with his disciples.\" When the team members are in a mood, wang will let her say what she thinks, and if he feels that he is dealing with problems, he will voluntarily admit that he is not doing well enough.\" Many female members of the heart of the situation, through some communication with Wang Zhiteng, the problem can be solved.


Since he became head coach, one of Wang's demands for his coaching has been -\" to be strict in training and playing, to chat more with players in his spare time, including to talk about something popular, so as to facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the players'status and mentality.\"


Since 2015, the Shanghai women's volleyball team has had a major foreign aid campaign almost every season, so Yang Jie has rarely been able to get a chance to play. Occasionally several times to be ordered, but also because of the long lack of hand, the performance of the substitute are not wonderful, gradually, Yang Jie's state of cold, the persistence of volleyball also wavered. “


When the main team members are trying to improve the strength, Yang Jie is trapped by the subject of``not hitting the ball'' . She hovers in the low valley, often after training, she will sit alone, empty, the body is dominated by the feeling of confusion.


Young and famous, in the 2009-2010 season when the league became the main women's volleyball team in Shanghai, helped the team to reach the final, won the runner-up. Later, Yang Jie also participated in the 2011 World Cup, and team-mates won the third place. Because of the injury, after 2012, Yang Jie's condition, height and strength have been reduced, which is the main reason why she became a substitute. She would also occasionally flip through her previous game video, feeling that she had been able to buckle a wonderful ball.


Sink for a long time, it is time to hit the bottom of the rebound, and the relief of family and friends, but also let Yang Jie want to break through the bottleneck,\" I think cannot go on like this, but also feel that the ball cannot play for a long time, I just want to try again.


Yang Jie's efforts, Wang Zhiteng silently looked in the eyes. The 2017 National Games, Wang Zhiteng to Yang Jiewei with a heavy responsibility, let her play all the competition. Although the offensive strength is not as good as before, but the advantage of Yang Jie is to receive the ball and series, this is a point of view by Wang Zhiteng, he did not have a clear mouth, but the heart of Yang Jie is impressed,\" the old players are very demanding of their own, play well in the National Games. That competition, not to be favored by the Shanghai women's volleyball team as a \"dark horse \", won the runner-up.


Immediately after, the arrival of the golden soft scene opened the Shanghai women's volleyball team hit the league title prelude. In the 2017-2018 season, because of the high quality of training, Yang Jie has been replaced by Wang Zhiteng in the competition many times, and she also often live up to the mission, performance, let Wang Zhiteng mind. Especially in zhang yi-chan injured sprained foot, yang jie up the opposite of the soft view of gold, to help the team beat jiangsu team, got tickets to the final.


During that time, Yang Jie worked very hard in every training class, and she was tired and happy -\" I think I have to do my best every day in training, and I don't think much about anything else. I've changed my mind a lot, and Wang has been giving me the opportunity to help me get out of this mess, and my performance has been recognized by him.


Unconsciously, Yang Jie noticed that between himself and Wang Zhiteng formed a tacit understanding of \"mutual trust \",\" trust is mutual, since the coach trusts me, I will not allow myself to drop the chain. That's my temperament.'


The good form of the two veterans made everyone admire, the Shanghai women's volleyball team in the veteran's prevention of injury and disease in all aspects, and this is due to Wang Zhiteng's attention to this aspect.


Yang jie said,\" mr. wang attaches great importance to the prevention and treatment of injuries, in addition to the team doctor owei, as well as rehabilitation from australia, daniel, the two staff members of the team to protect the physical condition, and these are the results of wang zhiteng insisted on a team of two medical staff.\"


Thanks to previous training in the United States, Wang knows a lot about physical rehabilitation,\" Wang will strengthen the training of small strength in the case of injury and injury, and will also adjust the amount of training. Because there are more veterans in the team, Wang also paid special attention to this aspect, he attaches no less importance to physical training than technical training.


After winning the finals against Guangdong Evergrande, Wang made a rare passionate celebration - raising his hands and roaring up the sky, a celebration he marked when he was an athlete.


In general, he was calm in the field command, in addition to the need to remind members of the details of the rise, Wang Zhiteng is basically sitting command of the game. This little detail also reflects his inner composure.


This season league, Yang Jie starts more times. In the team encountered a round, or their own in front of the attack, Yang Jie's mentality will inevitably appear ups and downs,\" two pass a good ball, or the team to guard against a very difficult ball, but because of my attack errors and lost points, I will play hesitant, not decisive enough.\"


Wang Zhiteng saw her in trouble from Yang Jie's eyes or movements. On pause, he would alone comfort Yang Jie,\" The ball passed over. I allow you to make mistakes in the main attack, and I have to do a lot of things myself. I understand you and don't overdo it.


The third semi-final, Wang Zhiteng for the lineup matching, let Zhang Yi Chan start, and let Yang Jie in the substitute area to prepare. In the course of the game, Zhang Yi-Chan was replaced because of the unstable delivery, Yang Jie in the team difficult to get the opportunity to play again.


She told Wang of her concerns without reservation,\" I don't feel that my attack is good enough to be afraid of mistakes.\" Wang zhiteng waved his hand and responded,\" it doesn't matter, it's normal for you to make mistakes, don't think too much, just face the mistakes correctly, I believe you can do well.\" This

  经历三年多的时间,王之腾将“非明星本土选手 外援”组成的上海队打造成联赛强队。上海女排的进步让众人看在眼里,他们普遍认为现在的这支队伍凝聚力更强了。

After more than three years, Wang Zhiteng will be \"non-star local players foreign aid\" composed of the Shanghai team into a league strong team. The progress of the women's volleyball team in Shanghai is in the public eye, and they generally think that the team is more cohesive now.


So far this season, the team has lost two games, after each loss, Wang Zhiteng will not let the team meet overnight to reflect, but let the players in one night through precipitation to analyze the reasons for the loss. The next day, he will meet with other coaches for separate groups of athletes to dissect the loss.


The coaching staff has experienced Zhang Liming guidance, as well as Wang Zhiteng's brother Wang Ye - the former Shanghai men's platoon main second pass, the former coach experience is rich, will remind the member technical movement in the training and the competition, the latter is the second pass group leader. In addition, Wu Xiaodong and Zhong Wei also assume different tasks. Coach division of labor is clear, Wang Zhiteng respect for the old Shuai, respect for colleagues, the entire coaching staff is also a piece of harmony. Yang Jie said:\" Now the team is very united, everyone has a common goal.\"


In the early stage of teaching, wang zhiteng will often say to the players:\" I have just led the team, still accumulating experience, cannot be in one step, do not do well enough, I hope you understand.\"


This young manager in the new field, ushered in praise, but also tasted the bitterness of defeat. The 2017-2018 season, when he failed to win the title with his hands on match points, became the first sore point after Wang Zhiteng switched roles. At the ceremony, he looked at the podium in a corner of the venue lonely and unwilling to let the author impressed.


He once said a word to the players, let Yang remember,\" I have won many league titles in the men's volleyball team in Shanghai, I have not won the championship since I was a coach, I want to win a league title for the women's volleyball team in Shanghai.


Shanghai women's volleyball team last won the league 20 years ago. Once upon a time, it was an unbeaten division with an outstanding record, and more than 20 years of league development witnessed the rise and fall of this team. Now, under the leadership of the young coach, the Shanghai women's volleyball team has again reached a turning point in history.